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Interactive Electronic
Technical Manuals

With Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs) you can take your technical documentation to the next level. IETMs provide full search facilities and alternative methods of navigation to help your users to locate the information they need quickly and easily.
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Website Design and Construction 

Websites can deliver so much more than a basic brochure site. Orchid has the technical ability, design flare and hosting facilities to design, build and deliver a website that meets your needs. In addition to corporate brochure sites Orchid can deliver e-commerce functionality, web applications and content management systems.
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Computer Based Training 

Computer Based Training delivers many advantages over the usual chalk and talk training course, especially for technical training involving for geographically dispersed and busy people. Orchid can design, write, build and deliver a complete training environment, with intuitive and resourceful learning modules. The systems can run on your own network or over the Internet – ensuring your learners achieve their learning objective.
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Plant Operating and Training
Manuals that Operators Need

Whether your plant is an oil and gas platform, a refinery, an LNG terminal or a waste water treatment plant, the operators need to be trained to understand the processes and equipment. They then need clear operating procedures to follow. Orchid have been producing training manuals and operating procedures manuals for these important facilities, around the world, for more than a decade.
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Product User Guides
that Users Want

You have a great product but for it to be used successfully by your customers it needs good user documentation. From factory machines to hand tools, Orchid have a team of authors and support staff that will write and produce the user manuals your users want, not forgetting the tick for that all important CE mark.
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Online Help and Information Systems

Orchid provides information systems that facilitate fast and efficient access to information without the need to distribute printed material.

An example of an Online Help applicationOnline help and information systems are used extensively by organisations around the world. Information is accessible in a variety of ways that include the Internet, Intranet, Extranet or Interactive Electronic Training Manuals (IETM) on CD or DVD.

At Orchid, we create online help and information systems that enable our clients to keep their customers informed.

We believe that good online help systems require good design. At Orchid, we have good designers who consider the content, format, presentation, navigation, and access methods. They have the necessary experience and skills to analyse user needs, design the information and visual schemas, write help text, index, and test. Where appropriate, we can include graphics, diagrams, screen shots and photographs. If necessary, we can include animations or embedded media.

At Orchid, we can create help files to support:

  • corporate client-server database applications
  • standalone user guides
  • e-documentation – from cellular telephones to oil tankers

Call us now and we could soon be discussing your requirements and helping you with your online help.

Benefits of Online Help and Information systems

Online Help and Information Systems are increasingly replacing paper based documentation because they offer the following benefits:

  • always available and guaranteed to be the latest version
  • quick access to the help topic and cross references
  • reduced maintenance costs
  • reduced distribution costs
  • environmentally friendly (eliminates paper processes and storage)
  • easy to edit/update
  • full search functionality making information easy to find

Types of Online Help Formats

Online help and information systems can be installed on a personal computer or on the company network. We can deliver online help in a variety of formats including:

  • WebHelp
  • WinHelp
  • XML
  • FlashHelp

Production Software Tools

For online help, we use tools that range from Microsoft® Word, Adobe® RoboHelp® and Adobe FrameMaker®. Online help can be published on specific platforms including Windows, Apple Mac and Linux.

To speak to our online help expert, call us on 01763 255101 . Alternatively, drop us as email and we will call you.