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Technical Publications, Training and Website Solutions

Orchid Information Systems provides technical documentation (manuals, user guides, help files, online information etc.), computer based training and website services that help you deliver on your project commitments, manage your costs and improve the profile of your company.

We achieve this with a unique blend of technical authorship, illustration, design, development and technical know-how; backed by professional staff with experience drawn from various industries that include product design and manufacturing, engineering, oil and gas, military, science, software development and creative design.

  • Industrial Products

    Industrial Products Manuals and Documentation

    Industrial Products require accurate support documentation. We can deliver Operating and Maintenance Manuals, Illustrated Parts Lists, Customer Training Materials, 3D Illustrations etc.

    Further information on Industrial Products

  • Commercial Products

    Products for commercial use need user friendly manuals. We deliver User Guides and Training Material that are easy to follow and help meet regulatory requirements.

    Further information on Commercial Products

  • Science/Medical

    Medical and Science Manuals and Documentation

    Technical products require user friendly manuals that clearly explain concepts and processes. We deliver User Guides and Training Materials that help the user to use the product.

    Further information on Science and Medical Products

  • Software

    Software Manuals and Documentation

    Software systems rely on good user and development information. We deliver User Guides, Help Files and Training Materials that support both the user and developer.

    Further information on Software Products

  • Oil & Gas Products

    Oil & Gas Manuals and Documentation

    Oil and Gas Facilities, both onshore and offshore, require Operating Manuals and Procedures, Training Materials (Online/Manuals), Operator Handbooks.

  • Water

    Water Manuals and Documentation

    Orchid is a framework supplier of ten part Works Operating Manuals for Waste Water Treatment Works.

    Further information on Water Products

  • Marine

    Marine Manuals and Documentation

    Orchid’s experienced technical authors and illustrators produce ship’s Technical Manuals, Deck and Engine Manuals and SOLAS Training Manuals to support the crew.

    Further information on Marine Products

  • Aviation/Military

    Aviation Manuals and Documentation

    Orchid’s experienced technical authors and illustrators produce technical manuals and training materials that meet the client’s requirements and the relevant standard.

    Further information on Aviation and Military Products


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