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Orchid Standardise Oil Project Specification Documents

Orchid has completed the process of standardising and editing thousands of pages of technical specification for two European Oil Companies.

Both Oil Companies (the second was referred to us by the first) realised that with such a large number of engineers involved in originating documents, such as package specifications, functional design documents and reports, that the quality of these key project documents had fallen below an acceptable quality level. Individual engineers had created their own document structures, had used different terminology and, for some, document creation was not their particular forte.

Orchid assembled a project team of six experienced technical authors in Royston. The team initially produced a template and baseline document standard. Once this was agreed, the team then formatted each document to the common Word template and technically reviewed them. This review ensured that documents all conformed to a common approach, terms were consistent and text was grammatically correct.

Edited documents were uploaded to the document system with a report that detailed any further actions requiring the attention of the originating engineer.

Careful Project Management ensured both projects were successfully completed on time, allowing the overall project to remain on schedule.