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Orchid Deliver Mobile Friendly Website to IT Supplier

Website redesign and redevelopment that’s also ‘fully responsive’ and mobile friendly

At Orchid, we believe that whatever we produce, it should be accessibly and easily understood by the end user and this applies not only to technical documentation, but websites too. Orchid have a long standing, 12 year working relationship with UK IT supplier EACS and as such we have seen many different styles and technologies develop over this time. When EACS tasked Orchid with redesigning and redeveloping the current EACS website, it provided a good opportunity to review the current technology used and how this could be improved to meet current user expectations.

news-eacs-websiteFollowing an in-depth review and consultation period, Orchid began the process of redeveloping the existing bespoke Orchid Content Management System, which has previously served EACS well, in order to introduce new features to make the process of editing the pages and news items more efficient and enable the website to be viewed by a broader audience. Features such as ‘in-line’ editing which enable EACS to edit the content in ‘live view’ (as the user would see the page), enhanced media integration and the addition of ‘shortcodes’ that allow EACS to add in components such as Forms or User Downloads at any point in the page means that the content can be more dynamic and relevant to the user. In addition to this, previous versions of the website have used Flash animations, which at the time were current standards, however these have now been superseded by Edge and jQuery animations and as such, the new EACS website has been updated to reflect this.

One of the big advances in website browsing since the previous EACS Orchid designed website is the increased use of mobile/tablet devices for viewing websites. As such, the new website has been designed specifically to recognise the user’s screen size and device and reorder the page layout to reflect this so that all of the content fits neatly and cleanly on to the viewing area, improving the overall user experience.

As well as the technical updates to the Content Management System, Orchid were also asked to refresh the design to be more modern, without being too contemporary. Orchid produce design samples which all contained the core colours and design principles of the EACS brand but presented the information in different ways. Again, through a discussion process with EACS a final design was refined and selected which we’re sure you will agree, meets the brief of being modern, clean and professional.

Keith Glanville, Director at Orchid said; “Web technologies continue to evolve at quite a pace and it is important as a company that we are aware of these changes in technologies and what advances will be of benefit to our clients. Orchid are more than just website designers, we are true developers in that we have our own in-house team who can write bespoke content management systems or ‘widgets’ that are specific to the client’s needs, so whatever a client’s requirements are, we can fulfil them.”

If you would like to know more about Orchid’s website design/development services, please contact Keith Glanville on 01763 244007.