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Elysium Chair Website Launched

Elysium Chair Website – A bespoke website for a unique product

news-david-hugh-01Orchid are pleased to announce the recent launch of the Elysium website, a show case site promoting the Elysium zero gravity reclining chair that has been designed and built by Cambridgeshire based company, DavidHugh. Each chair is hand crafted from the finest components, blending modern elements such as machined stainless steel and carbon fibre, with traditional leather craftsmanship and a unique mathematical equation that maps the human body to produce a completely unique and gravity defying experience.

Orchid were approached by Dr David Wickett of DavidHugh to design and build a website that would reflect the high end nature of the product and also appeal to both potential private purchasers and business purchasers alike.

news-david-hugh-02With this in mind the primary target regions of the website were identified as being the UK/USA, China and the UAE so the website had to be designed with translations in to these languages in mind. In addition to this, as part of the brief the site specifically should not be too technically focused and instead provide the user with a feel of the quality the chair and the research behind it.

As a company, Orchid has a strong technical and engineering background and are frequently asked to produce material that delivers difficult or complex information in a simple and effective manner. In response to this, for the design we used a limited amount of text and instead focus on quality photography and smooth user interactions to convey both the concept and the product. Working to a specified budget and limited timescale, in addition to the website DavidHugh also required photography of the chair, including a location shoot with a model and high quality design and print of brochures and business cards, all of which had to be delivered in time for a forthcoming exhibition in Abu Dhabi.

news-david-hugh-04So that the deadlines could be met, Orchid were pleased to introduce DavidHugh to our small network of trusted suppliers who were able to provide the print and photography elements to the high standards required. As we have a long working relationship with our suppliers and understand each others working techniques, all of the components were brought together seamlessly to produce an over all package of work that we are all exceptionally proud of.

Speaking on the launch of the Elysium website, Keith Glanville, Managing Director of Orchid said; “We are delighted with the over all look and feel of the website, which not only demonstrate the product well but reflect the high quality and bespoke nature of the chair. It’s great to work with a local company within a global marketplace and who are passionate about their product and work. The mix of technical expertise and attention to visual detail resonates with the way we work here at Orchid and really plays to our strengths”.

To see the Elysium website please visit www.davidhugh.com/en or, for further information about how Orchid could help you, please get in touch.