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Orchid Mix It Up In The Kitchen

Orchid produce User Guides for Domestic Equipment Importer.

Building on the experience of producing a large number of User Guides and Instructions for several High Street brands, including Tesco, Pure and Beko, Orchid have recently been assisting a UK importer and online retailer with their User Guide requirements.


Imported Kitchen Device in need of a User Guide

Importers often find that the products they import are accompanied by very poor manuals that are often poorly written, illustrated and translated. Typically these manuals lack detail and accuracy and do not meet the requirements for selling products in the United Kingdom, Europe and beyond. The likes of warranties, WEEE statements and CE marks are often completely absent.

Orchid have expertly re-written the manuals for various products, the most recent of which is a multi-function kitchen device that mixes, slices, grinds etc.

Orchid received the product and was then able to re-write the User Manual and ensure that the illustrations clearly indicated the steps required to operate, clean and maintain the machine safely and successfully.

Although not required for the multi-function kitchen machine, re-written manuals are often translated for launch in to other overseas markets. Orchid manages this process, either producing multi-lingual manuals or manuals for individual languages.

User Guide

User Guide page with illustrated parts diagram

We are confident that the importer’s investment in the user documentation will improve end user understanding and product satisfaction and will also benefit the importer by reducing the cost of ongoing support and returns.

The project has been delivered to the satisfaction of the importer and we wish them every success with their launch in to the UK market.

If you would like to see examples the manuals we have produced, please contact us for access to the Samples Area of our website.

If you would like to discuss how Orchid can help you with your own requirement, please call us on +44 (0)1763 244007 or email us at solutions@orchidinfo.co.uk.