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Case Study – Livestock Trading Database and Website

BackgroundAQM are a livestock trading cooperative with a membership of over 600 Producers. Although the field staff visit farms and assess stock, the office-based business is essentially data handling and management, i.e. handling stock and financial transactions between Producers, Processors and Hauliers.Requirement

AQM required the following products:

– Database System

– Website

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Database System

The application is a networked database into which data from Processors is entered. This data, when associated with the appropriate contract, generates a Payment Certificate. Various reports provide statistical and financial analysis of the data. Summary information can be exported in XML format.

Current enhancements include the electronic import of data direct from Processors and the export of invoicing information for subsequent import into accounts systems.

The application is written in Delphi using a relational Paradox database.

Corporate Website

As AQM’s membership is distributed, the AQM website has been developed to build a community. A regular weekly newsletter gives information on the week’s trade.


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