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Case Study – Technical Manuals Corporate Website

Textron Fastening Systems is the global leader in the provision of fastening solutions to manufacturers around the world. With an annual turnover of £1.2 billion and 100 engineering and manufacturing facilities in 19 countries, Textron Fastening Systems is a multinational group of companies that design, manufacture and market fastenings and engineered assemblies. As market leader, the company offers the most advanced range of fastening systems available in the world today, including well known brands such as Avex®, Monobolt® and Briv® blind fasteners, the Torx-Plus® Drive System, Crimptite® and Taptite® threaded fasteners.

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Orchid has been providing Textron Fastening Systems with documentation, multimedia, website and support services since 1996.

Recent requirements include:

– Technical Manuals and Datasheets for various fastener placement tools

– Corporate Website containing marketing and technical information

– Training and Marketing Material


Technical Manuals and Datasheets
Orchid maintains a library of hundreds of Textron’s technical manuals and datasheets. These contain technical specifications, operating information, maintenance information, exploded parts illustrations and parts listings. As the range of tools and fasteners is updated and extended, Orchid is involved in either updating existing material or originating new manuals and datasheets.

On approval, Orchid Technical Services supplies the completed documents to the Orchid Internet website team so that they can be made available for download (in PDF format). Orchid also supplies print-ready files to print and translation partners.

Corporate Website
The UK Textron Fastening Systems website is an extensive and feature-rich website.

The site contains sale and marketing materials on the full range of tools and fasteners. Animated sequences and 3D graphics are used extensively to demonstrate the possible uses of various tools and fasteners.

Nearly every fastener and tool datasheet, user manual and product brochure is available on the site, either as a PDF file download or in HTML. A search facility and product selection aids are available to assist with location the appropriate information.

Training and Marketing Material
With Orchid’s detailed knowledge of the Textron Fastening Systems product range, Orchid Media has also assisted with the production and updating of various multimedia training titles and display panels.

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