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Computer Based Training Services

Clear and concise bespoke Computer Based Training, written and produced by Orchid, will help you to effectively communicate your training objectives and material. Engaging content and interactivity will help your trainees to learn at their own pace and retain the information. Training can be undertaken in any location that has access to the Learning Management System. Results and progress can be tracked and reviewed by the training supervisor.

Online Computer Based Training (CBT), or e-learning as it is often known, allows trainees to access training material without the need for scheduled classroom sessions, at a time that fits in with their work schedule. The training course structure and content is carefully crafted to engage the trainee and improve knowledge retention.

Computer Based Training (CBT) Permit to Work Computer Based TrainingCBT can be delivered over an office Intranet or, if required, over the Internet to trainees dispersed over a wide range of locations.

Learning Management System (LMS) is used to host the CBT modules, handle the trainee login process and store trainee progress and results.

Orchid can develop CBT modules that are compliant with the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) standards. This allows CBT modules to be ‘plugged in’ and run on any SCORM compliant Learning Management System, including our own hosted LMS, or the SCORM Cloud.

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