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CBT Course Writing

To create a great Computer Based Training or e-Learning course, you need a plan, or Storyboard, that details the content of each module.  If you already have the training material, perhaps in the form of a training presentation and training manual, our technical authors can often adapt this to create the Storyboard.  If it is a completely new requirement, our technical authors can write the Storyboard from scratch, using the information we obtain from you.

Computer Based Training can be designed and structured around your own unique training requirements. The subject matter can be almost anything, from staff induction and safety training to software or equipment operation.

The System can be designed to train your staff or can be developed for you to deliver training externally to your clients, perhaps as an additional revenue stream.

Orchid will discuss your training requirement with you and will help to develop a training module structure. This structure may require several modules and these modules may need to be completed by the trainees in a prescribed order.

Once you have a list of modules, Orchid’s wealth of industry and communications experience allows our technical authors to work with you and ‘storyboard’ each module. The Storyboard document is essentially the design document and through a process of draft preparation and review, it will eventually establish the content of the module and define the method of delivery.

Once approved, it is the Storyboard documents that are handed to the design team to produce the e-Learning Modules.

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