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CBT Module Production

Orchid’s e-Learning module production team can take the Storyboard and build your Training Module. The aim is to communicate your training objectives and material in a clear, concise and engaging manner using text, graphics, animation, sound and interaction to keep the trainee engaged.

Computer Based Training (CBT) Permit to Work Computer Based Training

Computer Based Training (CBT) allows your trainees to access interactive training from any location and at any time.  For e-Learning to be successful, the content must be stimulating, engaging and easy to follow. 

The CBT System can be designed and built around your own particular training requirements and budget.

Module Assets

Orchid’s wealth of industry and communications experience allows our authors to write and develop CBT modules that deliver the content in an interactive and engaging manner. If you have existing training material, this can be assessed and adapted for a CBT learning environment.

The CBT Modules are composed from a variety of ‘assets’, designed to communicate the subject to the trainee. Assets can include:

  • Text – usually extracted from the Storyboard.
  • Graphics – diagrams, photographs, screen shots etc.
  • Sounds – voiceover, effects etc.Computer Based Training (CBT) Engine Test Facility
  • Video – usually supplied and often streamed from an external location.
  • Animation – industrial process, software simulation etc.

Some assets are more costly to produce, such as professionally shot video, whereas other assets, such as photographs and drawings, can often be sourced from existing training materials and utilised cost effectively. This approach allows CBT to be developed to a budget.

Interactive Elements

CBT Modules become more appealing for the trainee if they contain elements that are interactive. The interactive elements can include tests and puzzles, whether designed to allow the trainee to check their progress or as part of a formal final assessment.

SCORM Learning Management System

Orchid can develop CBT Modules that are SCORM compliant. This allows the CBT Modules to be ‘plugged in’ to any SCORM compliant Learning Management System (LMS), including our own hosted LMS or SCORM Cloud.

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