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Orchid produce User Guides for Domestic Equipment Importer.

Building on the experience of producing a large number of User Guides and Instructions for several High Street brands, including Tesco, Pure and Beko, Orchid have recently been assisting a UK importer and online retailer with their User Guide requirements.


Imported Kitchen Device in need of a User Guide

Importers often find that the products they import are accompanied by very poor manuals that are often poorly written, illustrated and translated. Typically these manuals lack detail and accuracy and do not meet the requirements for selling products in the United Kingdom, Europe and beyond. The likes of warranties, WEEE statements and CE marks are often completely absent.

Orchid have expertly re-written the manuals for various products, the most recent of which is a multi-function kitchen device that mixes, slices, grinds etc.

Orchid received the product and was then able to re-write the User Manual and ensure that the illustrations clearly indicated the steps required to operate, clean and maintain the machine safely and successfully.

Although not required for the multi-function kitchen machine, re-written manuals are often translated for launch in to other overseas markets. Orchid manages this process, either producing multi-lingual manuals or manuals for individual languages.

User Guide

User Guide page with illustrated parts diagram

We are confident that the importer’s investment in the user documentation will improve end user understanding and product satisfaction and will also benefit the importer by reducing the cost of ongoing support and returns.

The project has been delivered to the satisfaction of the importer and we wish them every success with their launch in to the UK market.

If you would like to see examples the manuals we have produced, please contact us for access to the Samples Area of our website.

If you would like to discuss how Orchid can help you with your own requirement, please call us on +44 (0)1763 244007 or email us at solutions@orchidinfo.co.uk.

Elysium Chair Website – A bespoke website for a unique product

news-david-hugh-01Orchid are pleased to announce the recent launch of the Elysium website, a show case site promoting the Elysium zero gravity reclining chair that has been designed and built by Cambridgeshire based company, DavidHugh. Each chair is hand crafted from the finest components, blending modern elements such as machined stainless steel and carbon fibre, with traditional leather craftsmanship and a unique mathematical equation that maps the human body to produce a completely unique and gravity defying experience.

Orchid were approached by Dr David Wickett of DavidHugh to design and build a website that would reflect the high end nature of the product and also appeal to both potential private purchasers and business purchasers alike.

news-david-hugh-02With this in mind the primary target regions of the website were identified as being the UK/USA, China and the UAE so the website had to be designed with translations in to these languages in mind. In addition to this, as part of the brief the site specifically should not be too technically focused and instead provide the user with a feel of the quality the chair and the research behind it.

As a company, Orchid has a strong technical and engineering background and are frequently asked to produce material that delivers difficult or complex information in a simple and effective manner. In response to this, for the design we used a limited amount of text and instead focus on quality photography and smooth user interactions to convey both the concept and the product. Working to a specified budget and limited timescale, in addition to the website DavidHugh also required photography of the chair, including a location shoot with a model and high quality design and print of brochures and business cards, all of which had to be delivered in time for a forthcoming exhibition in Abu Dhabi.

news-david-hugh-04So that the deadlines could be met, Orchid were pleased to introduce DavidHugh to our small network of trusted suppliers who were able to provide the print and photography elements to the high standards required. As we have a long working relationship with our suppliers and understand each others working techniques, all of the components were brought together seamlessly to produce an over all package of work that we are all exceptionally proud of.

Speaking on the launch of the Elysium website, Keith Glanville, Managing Director of Orchid said; “We are delighted with the over all look and feel of the website, which not only demonstrate the product well but reflect the high quality and bespoke nature of the chair. It’s great to work with a local company within a global marketplace and who are passionate about their product and work. The mix of technical expertise and attention to visual detail resonates with the way we work here at Orchid and really plays to our strengths”.

To see the Elysium website please visit www.davidhugh.com/en or, for further information about how Orchid could help you, please get in touch.

Orchid have updated the Client Area of the website with a much improved Samples Section. In the Samples Section, prospective clients can ‘flip’ though a wide selection of completed manuals, online screen shots, graphics and illustrations. This samples cover a range of industries, from consumer electronics to oil & gas and marine.

Orchid has a wealth of knowledge and technical writing experience and this improved sections aims to demonstrate this to new clients.  The Client Area is password protected, so if you are thinking of doing business with Orchid and would like to view the Samples Section, please email us at solutions@orchidinfo.co.uk .


Website redesign and redevelopment that’s also ‘fully responsive’ and mobile friendly

At Orchid, we believe that whatever we produce, it should be accessibly and easily understood by the end user and this applies not only to technical documentation, but websites too. Orchid have a long standing, 12 year working relationship with UK IT supplier EACS and as such we have seen many different styles and technologies develop over this time. When EACS tasked Orchid with redesigning and redeveloping the current EACS website, it provided a good opportunity to review the current technology used and how this could be improved to meet current user expectations.

news-eacs-websiteFollowing an in-depth review and consultation period, Orchid began the process of redeveloping the existing bespoke Orchid Content Management System, which has previously served EACS well, in order to introduce new features to make the process of editing the pages and news items more efficient and enable the website to be viewed by a broader audience. Features such as ‘in-line’ editing which enable EACS to edit the content in ‘live view’ (as the user would see the page), enhanced media integration and the addition of ‘shortcodes’ that allow EACS to add in components such as Forms or User Downloads at any point in the page means that the content can be more dynamic and relevant to the user. In addition to this, previous versions of the website have used Flash animations, which at the time were current standards, however these have now been superseded by Edge and jQuery animations and as such, the new EACS website has been updated to reflect this.

One of the big advances in website browsing since the previous EACS Orchid designed website is the increased use of mobile/tablet devices for viewing websites. As such, the new website has been designed specifically to recognise the user’s screen size and device and reorder the page layout to reflect this so that all of the content fits neatly and cleanly on to the viewing area, improving the overall user experience.

As well as the technical updates to the Content Management System, Orchid were also asked to refresh the design to be more modern, without being too contemporary. Orchid produce design samples which all contained the core colours and design principles of the EACS brand but presented the information in different ways. Again, through a discussion process with EACS a final design was refined and selected which we’re sure you will agree, meets the brief of being modern, clean and professional.

Keith Glanville, Director at Orchid said; “Web technologies continue to evolve at quite a pace and it is important as a company that we are aware of these changes in technologies and what advances will be of benefit to our clients. Orchid are more than just website designers, we are true developers in that we have our own in-house team who can write bespoke content management systems or ‘widgets’ that are specific to the client’s needs, so whatever a client’s requirements are, we can fulfil them.”

If you would like to know more about Orchid’s website design/development services, please contact Keith Glanville on 01763 244007.

Our Director, Keith, has just completed his South Downs Way mountain biking challenge for two charities, Cancer Research UK and Home Start.

The South Downs Way run from Winchester in Hampshire to Eastbourne in East Sussex, following the line of the chalk downs. It is over a 100 miles long and involves over 13,000 feet of ascent and descent – that’s a lot of hills to climb with a backpack!


At the Winchester Starting Point

Day 1 – Winchester to Petersfield

We arrived in Winchester on Friday, after driving down from Hertfordshire in the morning. We took our photograph at the Old Mill in the centre of Winchester and headed out of town, over the M3, and up in to the Downs. The weather was mild, but right from that first hill we knew that this trip was not to be underestimated.

I had the first puncture and swapped the inner tube for my spare.

After several ups and downs, we eventually reached our highest point at Butser Hill and then descended, at speed, down the grassy slope to cross the A3 and head in to the Queen Elizabeth Country Park. It was now late afternoon and we were keen to get to Petersfield, where our overnight accommodation was booked. However, in the QECP, which is criss crossed by a myriad of biking trails, we missed our turn and went some way before we realised our error. We then had to climb back up (have you noticed that errors are always made downhill, involving an uphill to correct them). By this time my rear tyre was going soft and needed pumping up to keep going.

Eventually we arrived at our B+B, showered and headed out for food.

On returning from food, I repaired my punctured inner tube and hit the hay.

Day 2 – Petersfield to Washington

Day 2 was always going to be tough and it didn’t get off to the best start with my tyre being found flat again.

The others went off to the supermarket while I fixed the new puncture. By the time they got back, my repaired tyre was flat – again! We couldn’t find anything in the tyre itself that could cause the puncture to re-occur, but then my good friend found a slither of aluminium on the inside of the wheel rim – probably produced by the tyre leavers the day before and hence the slow repeated punctures. I sanded down the rim, fixed both inner tubes and we were away – at 10.30, rather than our planned 9.00 departure.

Once we were going we started to pick up the pace a little but were still much further behind than we should have been.

Day 3 – Washington to Lewes

Day 3 started with a climb up from Washington, back on to the South Downs Way.

We know new it was going to be a challenge to get to Eastbourne, being further behind than we should have been, but initially we made good progress.

Some of the views around this part of the Way are fabulous. You can see the coast plain with Brighton and Worthing on the coast and looking out to sea on the horizon.

We passed under Lewes and almost made it to Eastbourne – we could even see the lights in the distance; but alas the light was fading are our very patient driver was waiting to take us back.

Although we didn’t quite get there, ironically – with our bed and breakfast detour, we actually did more miles. Maybe next year 😉



Royal Princess in Yard

Royal Princess receiving one of her new tenders in the Italian Yard

Orchid have completed a six month project to write and prepare Training Manuals for Royal Princess, the new 140,000 tonne addition to the Princess Cruises fleet. Royal Princess will be officially named by the Duchess of Cambridge, in Southampton, before embarking on her maiden voyage.

The SOLAS Training Manuals, aimed at helping the 1500 strong multinational crew to appreciate and understand the various safety system and equipment on board, were initially started with a Yard Visit to Italy.

Delivering SOLAS Training Manuals

Delivering SOLAS Training Manuals

After close liaison with the ship’s crew, and a further fact finding visit to the ship, the manuals were finally completed, printed and handed over in Southampton.

Orchid are now registered on the FPAL System. FPAL works to identify, qualify, evaluate and monitor suppliers on behalf of its Oil and Gas purchasing members.

Orchid’s registration on the FPAL system demonstates the Company’s ongoing committment to providing high quality and cost effective technical documentation and computer based training services to the members of this important industry sector.

Over the past few months, Orchid have been producing an Operating Procedures Manual for an oil facility deep in the Iraqi desert.

Originally the customer wished Orchid to visit the site, however problems with insurance and security looked like this might block the project from going ahead. Orchid, however, managed to demonstrate that with modern communications (email, ftp and Skype) the project could be successfully handled if the customer was able to provide an engineering contact on site.

The Operating Manual was successfully completed.

Orchid has completed the process of standardising and editing thousands of pages of technical specification for two European Oil Companies.

Both Oil Companies (the second was referred to us by the first) realised that with such a large number of engineers involved in originating documents, such as package specifications, functional design documents and reports, that the quality of these key project documents had fallen below an acceptable quality level. Individual engineers had created their own document structures, had used different terminology and, for some, document creation was not their particular forte.

Orchid assembled a project team of six experienced technical authors in Royston. The team initially produced a template and baseline document standard. Once this was agreed, the team then formatted each document to the common Word template and technically reviewed them. This review ensured that documents all conformed to a common approach, terms were consistent and text was grammatically correct.

Edited documents were uploaded to the document system with a report that detailed any further actions requiring the attention of the originating engineer.

Careful Project Management ensured both projects were successfully completed on time, allowing the overall project to remain on schedule.