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Maintenance Manuals

When you have process plant or large item of equipment to maintain on a regular basis, a Maintenance Manual help you structure this maintenance to ensure that it is delivered routinely and consistently.  Even if the Manual is transferred in to Maintenance software, the process of producing the manual streamlines the information.

Orchid can assist your Maintenance Department by collating/editing/formatting data from numerous sources into useable information. This could typically be:

  • A Maintenance Plan
    Based on equipment manufacturer recommendations/requirements plus client experience, this could be a detailed plan showing all planned maintenance activities for a 3- or 5-year time period.
  • An Inventory of Maintainable Equipment
    A list of all maintainable equipment in an installation. In electronic format can be coded and made searchable according to client defined parameters.
  • Maintenance Schedules
    Detailed preventive and corrective maintenance routines based on equipment manufacturer information and industry best practice. Can include additional information defined by the client, typically; disciplines required, manpower required, spare parts required, tools required, isolations required, etc.

These can be delivered either as printed paper documents or as electronic files in a client preferred application. The electronic files can then be used directly by the client or used to populate a propietary or custom computerised maintenance system.


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