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Technical Illustrations and Graphics Services

Orchid’s technical illustrators will help deliver professional, high quality technical illustrations and graphics that are integral to providing good documentation. We aim to improve your company image and enhance your target users experience. Our services can help reduce support costs, help meet legislative requirements and enables your team to be released from the burden of producing manuals.

High quality, detailed technical drawings and illustrative graphics require professional skill, creativity and experience. At Orchid, we employ technical illustrators who have these attributes and an eye for detail.

Our illustrators create drawings and illustrations for some of the most demanding industry sectors that include oil and gas, water, telecoms, shipping, information technology, education, manufacturing, retail and construction. We can create simple web icons, complex 3D drawings or exploded parts diagrams for your documentation.

Our technical illustrators work closely with our technical authors to create illustrations that support and clarify accompanying text.

Types of Illustrations and Graphics

Our technical illustrators use the latest industry standard software to create drawings such as:

Types of Documentation Containing Illustrations

Our technical illustrators provide a high-quality service, creating illustrations and graphics that are used in the following types of documentation:

Artwork Origination

We have the experience and in-house resource to create all types of technical illustrations. Our illustrators create artwork from manufacturer drawings, photographs, sketches, physical product or prototype and interviewing our customers. Artwork can be in full colour, black or white and created to any size or resolution.

Production Software Tools

Technology is changing at an ever increasing pace and at Orchid we pride ourselves in keeping up-to-date with new ideas and techniques. That’s why we invest in the latest tools that allow our illustrators to produce high quality, detailed technical drawings and illustrative graphics.

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