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Multimedia and Design Services

Eye-catching sales materials and displays that attract the attention of potential new customers by a combination of interesting graphics and simple concise text that together convey the nature and professionalism of your business and your products is the means by which Orchid can help you to grow your business.

Orchid’s experienced multimedia developers and designers can support your marketing and sales campaigns by supplying a range of professionally produced materials tailored to your particular needs and intended market demographic.

With Orchid’s extensive engineering background our creative multimedia developers and designers, supported by technical authors experienced in copy writing, have the experience to assess your requirements and determine the most suitable means of supporting your marketing and sales efforts.

Sales materials can utilise existing company sales information and photographs, provided these are of suitably high resolution. In addition, 3D models, animations, and sound and video clips can be included.

Where paper based sales materials, such as brochures have proved to be unsuccessful, Orchid can supply sales materials with a range of delivery access methods more suitable for modern lifestyles:

  • Targetted e-mailings
  • Laptop or handheld device presentations
  • CD-ROM
  • Intranet/Internet with controlled access
  • QR codes
  • Exhibition stands
  • Auto-running exhibition presentations

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