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Can my website rankings be improved?
What keywords should I be targeting?
What search engines should I optimise for?
Do I need to change the content of my pages?
Do I need to update the format and structure of my website?
How is my website performing for my chosen keywords?

… just some of the questions that Orchid’s SEO can help you with!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is critical to any business that wishes to trade or locate new business through their website. Most prospects, when searching for a given topic, will look at the first one or two search engine results pages. It is therefore important to optimise your website to ensure that it ranks well for your given keywords and attracts the most relevant traffic.

Today, SEO is a calculated and ongoing process that has an impact on the way you select your keywords, design and develop your site, write your website content and even select your domain name. Despite claims from some businesses, there is no shortcut to having a well structured website and good content. Although SEO should ideally be considered at the time the website is created, it is just as essential to apply the principles to existing websites to bring them up to standard.

The SEO services Orchid provides are:

Keyword Analysis

Orchid can help you select the most efficient keywords for your website, ie those that are searched for most often and are not already saturated on existing websites. Orchid can analyse a competitor’s website to see how it performs against a targeted set of keywords.

For an effective SEO campaign it is essential to give the keywords you are going to target on your website due consideration. There is little point in targeting keywords that are not searched for very often or are already saturated on the internet. To this end, Orchid can help you select ‘efficient’ keywords and phrases for your website.

For each proposed keyword or phrase we measure its Keyword Efficiency Index (KEI) – this tells us how valuable the word is to your campaign. We can then also use tools to suggest other keywords that may not originally have been considered but will help drive traffic to your website.

On-Site Optimisation

With an agreed set of keywords, Orchid can analyse a given webpage to identify improvements that need to be made, both in terms of content and structure.

On-Site Optimisation is the process of reviewing your website content and structure against a targeted set of keywords (see Keyword Analysis).

In terms of structure, we are looking at the breakdown of the pages and which keywords to target on each page. We are also looking at all of the page elements, such as; headings, images and links, to ensure that all keywords are represented.

For the content, we are looking to ensure that the targeted keywords are correctly represented in the content. It is no longer sufficient to drop a few keywords into the page meta tags. Search Engines now analyse the content of the page to see that the content truly reflects the keyword being search for.

Orchid has the tools and experience to analyse web pages for the keywords they are targeting and to recommend changes to improve the performance.

Off-Site Optimisation

Just as important to a well optimised website, are Off-Site Optimisation techniques such as inbound link promotion, sitemap registration and correct domain redirection.

Pay Per Click

To help track campaign results, Orchid also offers:

Keyword Ranking Reports

Keyword Ranking measures the position of your keywords in the Search Engines you are targeting.

If you are mounting an SEO campaign, you need to ensure that the actions taken are generating the required results. SEO is a moving target as the algorithms used by the Search Engines change regularly – so SEO must be an ongoing process.

Keyword Tracking Reports

Keyword Tracking measures how well your website is ranking for selected keywords. You can use this to ensure that SEO actions are effective and to detect when further work is required.

Orchid can provide regular Keyword Tracking Reports and Website Statistics.

Website Statistics

Reports delivered to your mailbox that indicate, for example, site traffic levels, popular pages and the location of users.

With such a powerful and measurable opportunity to promote your business, Orchid are the perfect SEO provider.

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