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Orchid design, develop and host websites with bespoke or off-the-shelf Content Management Systems (CMS).

Benefits of using an Orchid Content Management System (or CMS)

We are all used to being able to create and edit our own documents, so why rely on a web developer to keep your website updated when you can have your own built in content editor and fully integrated Content Management System?

Here are some of the benefits of using a CMS website that is designed, built and hosted by Orchid:

Wordpress Admin screen

  • Easy to use – both your technical and non-technical staff to edit and update your web pages.
  • Updates when you want them – A CMS allows you to log in from any location with an Internet connection, at any time, to make instant changes rather than waiting for office hours.
  • Full editorial control – You know your business and clients best and how you would want your information to be written and presented, a CMS gives you total control (although Orchid are here to assist if required).
  • Code View – For the more advanced user, the in-built editor allows you to switch to code view to enhance your web pages with advanced scripts such as jQuery.
  • Cost saving – Over a period of time a CMS saves you money as you do not neet to pay for an external web developer to make changes for you. You also don’t need to pay for web design software or FTP software – the CMS has everything you need built in.
  • Team contribution – Because you can assign editor access to multiple staff and give them the ability to edit specific pages, you can involve all the team. The design to be ‘locked’ in order to preserve the ‘look and feel’ of the website.
  • Helps you grow your business – If you have a CMS that allows you to edit and add new pages, you can easily expand the information on your website, increasing the appeal and reaching a wider audience
  • Better Search Engine results – With a CMS you can keep your content up-to-date, which is not only engaging for the user but also great for search engines that place more emphasis on new, relevant content.
  • Easy to make big changes – Because all of the pages are held in a database and presented using templates, new designs or structures can be easily implemented.
  • Adaptable as you need new items – With a CMS you can expand your website’s capabilities as you require by bolting on new modules such as client areas, download trackers etc., without incurring large development costs.
  • Publishing flexibility – A content management system can publish your pages at any point which means you can write a new page or news item and set it to publish at a future date to coincide with an event for example

Orchid develop a range of CMS systems, from off-the-shelf publishing tools through to bespoke coded content management.

Fully Featured

Orchid’s CMS solutions have been integrated in to a range of websites, both large and small. For example, we have developed a completely bespoke ASP.NET solution for an international client, incorporating many bespoke plug-in’s (interactive features on your website) allowing them to specifically promote and track downloads, define user groups, manage secure areas, plus all of the standard page and image editing features you would expect.

Cost Effective

For those looking for a more cost effective CMS solution, Orchid have taken an off-the-shelf package, such as WordPress, and customised it with a bespoke theme and plug-in’s, giving a unique design but allowing the user to work with the industry standard page editing tools built in to WordPress.

Whatever the type of business or size of business you are, Orchid can provide a solution to help you take control of your website content.

CMS Hosting

For a complete solution, Orchid can host your CMS website.

Types of Content Management System

Orchid can design and build and bespoke Content Management System to suite your exact requirements or we can work with a number of off-the-shelf packages, such as WordPress or Joomla!.

Bespoke CMS Website Solutions

For many clients, an off-the-shelf CMS solution does not offer the flexibility they need to incorporate website features unique to their business. This is where a fully bespoke ASP.NET or PHP developed Content Management System is required.

Coded from the ground up, using proven industry standard web technologies to drive its core features, Orchid’s own CMS platform allows a client to ‘bolt on’ added components, plugging in features written specifically for them and allowing a business to specify a fully bespoke solution for editing and managing their website.

A key part of the CMS is the easy to use text editor, which allows you to update your web pages using your internet browser in a secure admin area. A simplified editor allows users with little or no HTML knowledge to easily update website content.

Other key features include:

  • Edit content in ‘page view’ on the actual page you wish to update
  • Optimise your page for Search Engines with the ability to add unique Meta data (keywords, titles etc) on each page
  • Create different page layouts using templates
  • Consistent content styling through a master style sheet
  • Change design or content elements without any need for HTML knowledge
  • Upload and manage a range of files including images, presentations, PDF’s etc
  • Multi-lingual capabilities, useful for large companies with Worldwide offices, maintain localised versions of your website from one location
  • Multi user role enabled, allocate different people different rights from administrator to content contributor
  • Share common elements across the site using short code tags to add in email forms for example in multiple places

WordPress / Joomla! Off-the Shelf CMS Website Solutions

Wordpress JoomlaWordPress or Joomla! are ideal platforms for clients who would like all of the advantages of a robust CMS, but without the costs of developing a bespoke solution. As you would expect there are some limitations compared to a tailor made solution, however our experienced developers are able to not only give you a completely customised look and feel, but also develop or re-code plug-in’s to meet your needs.

The key to WordPress or Joomla! is affordability. Because the CMS is already established, it frees up valuable development time to work on other areas of the site. Some people are quick to dismiss WordPress, however the application has moved on from being a successful blogging tool to be a versatile content management system that is suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Despite this being a cheaper option than a bespoke CMS, that doesn’t mean that core functionality is compromised, far from it;

Wordpress Admin screen

The following key features are available:

  • Completely customisable look and feel
  • In built WYSIWYG editor
  • Full media manager making the uploading and editing of images easy
  • A complete range of plug-in’s that can be bolted on to enhance your website or Orchid can develop your own specific plug-in’s
  • Search engine friendly content structure and ability to easily edit Meta information means your search engine position is not compromised

If you’re looking for an entry level and affordable CMS to drive your site, then this is the solution for you.

Other Off-the Shelf CMS Website Solutions

In addition to the above two options, Orchid are more than happy to either suggest or work with an off-the-shelf CMS solution that you may prefer to use. Some popular examples of these are OpenCart eCommerce, Drupal or DotNetNuke to name but a few, all of which can be configured by Orchid and further extended with any enhancements you may require.

Wish to Discuss your CMS Requirements?

The above information is a summary of potential solutions that may be suitable for your CMS needs. Through using an Orchid CMS, you get all of the benefits of a professionally designed and controlled page but the ability to maintain the pages yourself, helping to keep costs under control.

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