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Product Illustrations

Orchid can take a product, CAD drawing or sketch and turn it into an illustration.

At Orchid, we employ experienced illustrators and technical writers who can produce all your technical infromation such as manuals, datasheets and schematics.

Ilustrations used in the product user manualOur customers come to us because they can count on our expertise and experience in technical writing. Whether you require a complex works operating and maintenance manual for an oil installation or simple datasheet for a power tool, we have the capability to deliver. We write technical manuals that truly satisfy our customers’ needs. When writing a technical document, we make sure that your requirement is clearly understood and that all elements of the production cycle are supported. Planning, information gathering, writing, illustration, editing, printing, quality control and final delivery are some of the tasks that we consider when preparing your document.

Technical Documentation Types

Technical Documentation Technical ManualAt Orchid, our technical writers and illustrators create the following types of documentation:

Skills and Resources

Our team of technical authors/writers, technical illustrators, word processing staff, editors and training specialists have the skills for the most challenging job.

Our technical illustrators and graphics operators work in association with our technical writers to produce graphics, diagrams and illustrations to support accompanying text. We use the latest graphics and authoring tools to support our staff. Our editors and quality assurance checkers ensure that documents are clear, concise, well structured and conform to your requirements.

Text Origination and Editing

Our technical authors work with our customers during the planning and requirements stage to ensure that we have all the source information to create your document. We also take into account final delivery and the environment in which the document is to be used.

Our documentation engineers have a wide range of experience in a variety of industries that includes oil & gas, water, telecoms, shipping, information technology, education, manufacturing, retail and construction.


Graphics and Technical Illustration

Our Graphics Department utilise the latest software tools to create graphics that range from complex engineering drawings to simple line diagrams. As a result, our technical illustrators provide high quality illustrative graphics from simple web icons to complex 3D illustrations and exploded parts diagrams. Artwork can be created to any size or resolution; in colour or black and white.

At Orchid, our technical illustrators work closely with our technical writers to create illustrations that support the accompanying text. For more information, see our Technical Illustration & Graphics page.

Finished Article and Delivery

Quality control is an important aspect of our work and one that is considered throughout all stages of the project lifecycle. Therefore, you can be sure that we will deliver a quality product that meets your requirements.

Technical manuals come in all shapes and sizes. At Orchid, we take care to ensure that the finished article is delivered exactly the way our customers want. We can deliver printed manuals; provide them electronically by e-mail; on CD-ROM; DVD or DAT tape.
Our in-house printing facilities mean that we can produce manuals in full colour, backed-up, punched and any size up to A3.

Document Maintenance

Maintenance is an important part of the technical manual lifecycle. At Orchid, we specialise in updating and maintaining documents. Our strict quality control procedures and good practices ensure the integrity of your documents which are stored on our secure servers.

Documentation Store

For some customers, we provide and maintain an online document store. Our customers have secure access to the latest versions of their documents held on our servers.

Production Software/Tools

Technology is changing at an ever increasing pace and at Orchid we pride ourselves in keeping up-to-date with new ideas and techniques. That’s why we’ve invested in the latest tools that allow our technical illustrators and technical authors to produce high quality technical documentation.

For text production we use tools that range from Microsoft® Word, Adobe FrameMaker® and QuarkXPress®. Documents can be produced on specific platforms including Windows, Apple Mac and Linux. For the information about production tools used in creating our online help text, please see our Online help & Information Systems page.

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