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Computer Based Training Services

Computer Based Training, or e-Learning as it is often known, is a great way to provide training for your own staff  (such how to operate equipment or follow company operating or safety procedures) or for you to provide training to your clients, such as how to operate or maintain technical equipment that you supply – it can even be a revenue stream. 

Why consider e-Learning / Computer Based Training?

There are many reasons to consider Online Computer Based Training (CBT), or e-learning, over traditional training. Here are a few:

  • CBT allows trainees to access training material without the need for scheduled classroom sessions, at a time that fits in with their work schedule.
  • CBT can be delivered within an office or over the Internet to trainees dispersed over a wide range of locations.
  • The training course structure and content is carefully crafted to engage the trainee and improve knowledge retention. 
  • Training knowledge is retained within the Company (i.e. not lost if the trainer moves on).
  • The training meComputer Based Training (CBT) Permit to Work Computer Based Trainingssage is consistent, delivered in full and can be continuously be improved.
  • Assessments can be set and training records can be kept to record progress and support the trainee.

So how can Orchid help?

Orchid can help you with the level of support that you require.

Orchid can help write your e-learning content…

If you have existing material that needs adapting for CBT or if the requirement is new, Orchid can help.  Our Technical Authors can produce clear and concise training material (typically as a storyboard) that will help you to effectively communicate your training objectives and will provide the information needed to build the modules. 

See CBT Course Writing.

Orchid can build your training modules…

With the training requirement established, Orchid can create the necessary graphics, animation, voiceover elements etc. and build your CBT training modules. The modules we produced are typically SCORM compliant and this allows them to be ‘plugged in’ and run on any SCORM compliant Learning Management System (LMS).

See CBT Module Production.

Orchid can host your modules in a Learning Management System…

A Learning Management System (LMS) is used to host the CBT modules, handle the trainee login process and store trainee progress and results. Orchid can install and host an LMS for you, if required.

See Learning Management Systems.

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