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Web Application Development

The web is no longer a medium just for static content. Websites are becoming increasingly interactive, supplemented with programming to add functionality and enrich the user experience.

Orchid is skilled in the design and development of these sites, supporting languages that include Flash, Active Server Pages, Perl and PHP. Orchid also has the advantage of owning OrchidServe, a national Internet Service Provider – this provides Orchid with special access to server configurations that are not possible ‘off the shelf’.

Bespoke Database Driven Websites

Websites can now be connected to databases to collect and/or provide information. Bespoke websites can cover any subject and application with examples that include

  • recruitment
  • secure customer login areas
  • e-Commerce
  • e-Learning

Database applications can be connected to real-time graphing software, mail servers, online banks etc to provide fully integrated web applications.

Secure Intranet’s and Extranet’s

Two variants of the database driven site are the Intranet (a secure site that runs within your company) and the Extranet (a secure site that is visible to authorised users via the Internet). It may be possible to connect these sites to existing databases to provide selected information to your customers and staff. Applications include the provision of company news, the collections and sharing of company information, contact list databases etc.

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